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Fish & Chips


The essence of real Fish and Chips is casual dining. Orders are taken at the counter and items are ordered individually and cooked fresh every time. Whilst Fish and Chips is regarded as a "fast food" concept the methodology of cooking the British style offering takes years of practice. In particular the batter needs to be of a perfect consistency and the fish of the best quality.

For me personally, the best Fish and Chips come with Mushy Peas. The idea of Mushy Peas is a pretty new one to most American guests but for many Brits it's an essential part of the experience. Give Mushy Peas a try with a little salt and vinegar. I can't promise you'll like it but most first-timers do. Whilst you're at it, put some salt and vinegar on your Fish and Chips, that's how they are traditionally eaten.

Fish & Chips
"A Perfect

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