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  • What food contains nuts?
    While none of our food explicitly contains nuts, our allergy notice is there to warn people about cross-contamination issues that might occur within the factories we derive our products from.
  • What oil do you fry with?
    Our fryers contain soy oil.
  • What flour is used in the gluten-free batter?
    Our gluten-free batter contains a mix of maize, rice flour, and potato starch.
  • Is your battered Sausage gluten-free?
    While our battered sausage can be fried in gluten-free batter, the sausage that we use contains wheat.
  • Are there cross contamination risks for gluten-free food?
    We cannot guarantee that there isn’t a risk of cross-contamination in the kitchen with our gluten-free food, in the cases of extreme allergies we recommend not taking chances.
  • What precautions do you take for gluten-free food?
    We provide a gluten-free batter which is maize, rice flour, and potato starch based, and our chefs will change out their gloves and equipment when handling gluten-free food. However, it will be cooked in the same oil as the other food so for celiac or in bad cases we ask to take caution.
  • Difference between cod and cod bites?
    Our Battered Cod option is the full filet of fish and is approximately 8-10 oz of fresh cod. It is hand cut and battered to order. The bites are approximately 4-5 oz of bite size cod pieces which are from the same cod and perfect for those looking for a smaller portion of Fish & Chips.
  • What are mushy peas?
    Mushy peas are dried marrowfat peas which are soaked, boiled, and seasoned until they are soft and delicious. They are only grown in the UK so we import them over.
  • What are prawn crackers?
    Prawn crackers are vegetarian, they are deep fried snacks often made with starch and vegetables for a light airy taste. They pair great with curry sauce. They do not contain any prawns so people with a shellfish allergy are okay.
  • What’s in a Cornish pasty?
    A Cornish pasty is a British staple from Cornwall containing a mix of beef, potato, onions, and gravy.
  • Difference between cod and cod fish cake?
    Cod is the full filet of fish, it is approximately 8-10 oz of fresh cod. It is hand cut and battered to order. The Fish cake is small pieces of cod boiled down in milk and seasoned with herbs and spices and finished with Panko Crusted bread crumbs. They are then made into patties and deep fried. If you would like they can be put in a sandwich and enjoyed in a toasted bun, tomato, lettuce and tartare sauce on the side.
  • Are British Chips like Fries?
    British chips are not like American or French fries. They are thicker cut and are not cooked to the same crunch. They are made to be a little softer to be able to soak up the vinegar.
  • Why is Chip Shop food unseasoned?
    Our fish and chips are self-seasoned, as the way it is done in the UK. In the UK most people will put salt and vinegar on their fish and chips to taste. That is why we offer other condiments on the tables and at request so you can enjoy your meal exactly how you’d like.
  • What are British Chips like?
    Our chips are the traditional style and size, exactly as you would get them across the pond. They are hand peeled every morning and we use a custom machine to cut them fresh. We can make the chips extra crispy for your tastes. Our chips are made thicker to soak up the vinegar.
  • What sausages do you use?
    Our sausages are a traditional pork English style sausage which are also sold in our freezers up front.
  • Do you have beer batter?
    No. Our fish is not fried in beer batter. We only use British Flour that we import in from the UK.
  • What is a Pie?
    It is a short crust pastry with a puff pastry top. They are similar to the American pot pies. We offer the following pies: • Steak and Kidney: Steak, veal kidney (from a cow), onion and gravy. • Pepper Steak: Steak, onion, pepper corn and gravy • Chicken and Mushroom: Chicken, mushroom, onion, and a cream sauce. • Chicken curry: Chicken, tomato, onion, and Mild British curry sauce. • Vegetable curry: Green bean, tomato, potato, carrot, chick peas, cauliflower, onion and British curry sauce. (Mild) • Spinach and Feta: Spinach, feta cheese, onion, and a cream sauce.  • Cornish Pasty: It is a thick short crust pastry with a water wash filled with: Steak, potato, onion and gravy. • Cheese and onion pasty: Cheese, potato, onion. • Sausage Rolls: Pork Sausage rolled out and covered with a flaky crust.
  • What is Tartare sauce?
    All of our fish dishes are served with a pot of our freshly house made tartare sauce and a lemon wedge. Because of the efforts of making the sauce fresh every morning and the cost of ingredients, extra tartare pots are available for $1.95. (dill, parsley, gherkins, shallots, lemon juice, mayonnaise)
  • Do you offer Malt Vinegar?
    The vinegar provided is a chip shop style vinegar imported from the UK, it is not a malt vinegar, but it is the same as they use in all chip shops in the UK.
  • What is a Chip Butty?
    A chip butty is simply a chip sandwich, with a serving of our fresh and hot chips sandwiched between one of our buttered and toasted bread rolls. Add some ketchup and/or Malt Vinegar to enjoy a true British Chippy fav.
  • Do you have coleslaw/ranch?
    No, we do not serve coleslaw or stock sauces like ranch.
  • What's so special about British Gravy?
    Our gravy is a traditional British brown gravy that is thicker than a standard gravy. It pairs well with the chips or pies. It is typically used to dip chips into or poured over a pie and chip.
  • What is a Pasty?
    A pasty is a British-baked pastry, a traditional snack or meal that often contains meat, potatoes, vegetables, or cheese. Ours contains cheese and onion so a great vegetarian option
  • How does this all work at your Chippy?
    After we take your order at the register, grab your cutlery, napkins, and extra condiments off of the station by the door and feel free to sit down inside or outside. Once your order is ready, we will call your name to find where you’re sitting and bring the food over. After you’ve finished your meal, we appreciate you taking your dish over to the trash can labelled ‘rubbish’ and disposing of your leftovers.
  • Do you serve alcohol?
    While we have a pub across the way opening up soon (Wright’s on the Green), we do not currently serve alcohol at our establishment but have applied for our Beer and Wine license which we hope to obtain by end of August 2023. The boutique next door serves a range of alcoholic beverages that you can feel free to bring onto the patio as long as it’s inside a labelled cup.
  • Do we take a number or call your name?
    When your order is made by our chefs, we then bring the food out and call your name that you left with us at the register when you placed your order. Please don’t forget to collect your cutlery and sauces before you sit down.
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